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The development of the Airbus A380 was a very large project and involved many countries. Obviously, the A380 project planning phase was a daunting task to say the least. Of all that could have gone wrong, it is interesting to note the planning phase did not account for the possible impact of cultural differences among the participating countries. The result of this was an additional project cost of $6 billion and a two-year delay. Read the article below and post a discussion entry providing your thoughts on possible causes of this project planning oversight.

Failed Project Series – What Went Wrong with the A380?

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  Every continent has, at some point, begun the attempt to connect its constituent governments or nations using any means necessary to establish a more productive network. The European Nations are an outstanding example to strengthen and flourish together despite the diversity of languages and cultural barriers. The Airbus was designed as a model project capable of accomplishing a common goal. Simultaneously, it was stated that the Airbus aircraft company was one of the first critical endeavors to unite global activities under a unified industrial framework.

       We have all heard the expression “too many cooks in the kitchen,” which refers to a situation in which everyone is doing what they believe is correct just because they can.  The project, in the researcher’s opinion, had multiple managers. When the entire wing had to be redesigned due to component incompatibility, a breakdown in communication and software applications became apparent. On the other hand, the German-manufactured wiring did not fit into the French-manufactured wing structure, and both elements required a complete overhaul before the wings could function properly. Furthermore, the inaccuracies resulted in a significant $6 billion loss and a timetable delay.

    The project manager should have emphasized the importance of everyone sticking to the same plan with no deviations. Recognize that scope management ensures that everyone understands what the project is all about and what it includes. The project’s cost and time management fell short of the plan’s objectives. As a result, they should have developed uniformity among the various teams during the planning and initiation phases. Furthermore, cultural differences should have been detected and handled as part of the project risk management planning. In conclusion, the Airbus project management failed to insist on a single system of truth across all project aspects and adequate communication across all project sectors.

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