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The development of the Airbus A380 was a very large project and involved many countries. Obviously, the A380 project planning phase was a daunting task to say the least. Of all that could have gone wrong, it is interesting to note the planning phase did not account for the possible impact of cultural differences among the participating countries. The result of this was an additional project cost of $6 billion and a two-year delay. Read the article below and post a discussion entry providing your thoughts on possible causes of this project planning oversight.

Failed Project Series – What Went Wrong with the A380?

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After reading the article attached it is clear there was not enough communication, follow-up, and oversight.  I actually think there is another non-aviation culprit at play in this instance.  CATIA released versions of its software that were not compatible with each other.  I can’t imagine going back to the days where we need to have the exact same software version to open a Microsoft word document.  Allowing assumptions to rule the day makes problems on group projects.  Everything needs to be aligned and agreed upon.  During the development of the aircraft, no entity was responsible for verifying the interoperability of the software utilized.  I think about this with respect to aircraft fluids.  There are many different versions of oil that an engine or gearbox can specify.  Military standards help with some of this, but sometimes a different detergent in the oil can foam and the oil fails to protect the wear components.  The same is true here for the A380.  The parties in question failed to be 100% specific in their agreements during the design phase and were arrogant enough to plow ahead without verifying their work was compatible

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