Discussion: Southwest Airlines Analysis Methods Peers Review 1

Provide a classmate review on their discussion topic :

Using the report you submitted to your boss on the Southwest Airlines accident, state the analysis method you chose to use and explain why you selected it.

Classmate post that you need to post comment/ review on:

chose to perform a Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) on some components of the aircraft pressure hull sub-system to determine the immediate and system effects of potential failure modes. After doing this week’s readings, I felt that an FMEA was the appropriate hazard analysis technique to evaluate what when wrong within the system, how severe the negative outcome was, and what could be done to prevent the failures in the future (Ericson II, 2015; International Marine Contractor Association, 2016).

I liked how the effects and causal factors were interrelated as I worked my way through the list. The way I developed my FMEA was using a bottom-up approach. For example, the pressure hull expanded and contracted outside of the limits that were expected because of incorrect riveting which caused metal fatigue that created a crack that resulted in a leak that, combined with a substantial pressure differential, caused rapid decompression of the passenger cabin and resulted in an airborne emergency in a non-airworthy aircraft.


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