What steps did you take to complete your project demonstrate?


The abstract should summarize the entire project in one paragraph. Be sure that you state a problem, summarize the problem that you are trying to solve, list any possible challenges to solving the problem and list any possible solutions to the problem.


Your introduction should contain the following components:

  • Briefly state the problem that you wish to solve through your project.
  • Describe the big picture and the context of your project.
  • Provide a short introduction to the topic in your own words.
  • Describe how this project, system or idea is used by real people in the health facility.
  • Give a short example of why this topic is difficult or interesting.
  • How will it be beneficial to the facility?

Proposed Work

Once you have laid out the background, describe exactly what you intend to accomplish.

  • Clearly state how your proposed work will address the problem stated in the introduction.
  • What will you work on?
  • What will you demonstrate?
  • What machinery and software will you require?
  • Where and how will you get such resources?
  • What challenges do you expect to encounter?
  • Provide solutions for any challenges or ideas on how you will resolve them.

For example, will system access be an issue? Will access to key staff members be a problem? How will you resolve these types of issues?

Timeline & Deliverables

You should plan on completing this project in stages, do not wait and try to complete it all in at the end of the course.

  • Break your work into manageable parts and include some milestone dates for yourself for your deliverables.
  • List your Milestone dates as well as the corresponding deliverable (what will be completed at each milestone date)
  • List any deliverables that will be created as a result of the completion of your project. What will be the final outcome of the project?


Explain how you implemented the project.

  • What steps did you take to complete your project demonstrate?
  • Who were the key players closely involved in your project?
  • What machinery and/or software was required to complete?
  • Where and how did you get the resources for your project?HIM Specialist


    Enter MRN in Patient Station

    Highlight the Admission/HAR

    Click Registration

    To Add a Commingle status to the HAR’s on both accounts

    >Under Guarantor Accounts, click on the P/F Account

    · Under the Account Status field, enter Co-mingled

    · Work Comp account only, Place commingled status on W/C account

    To Deactivate My Chart on incorrect record

    >Under Demographics, click on Documents & Add Info

    · Click the Sign up box or unclick click my chart to deactivate

    · Under Preferred Communication, unclick the MyChart box if checked.

    To add Release Restriction FYI to incorrect record has to be attached to affected HAR

    >Click on the FYI tile

    >Click on New Flag

    · In Flag Type field

    · Click on Magnifying glass and chose Release Restriction or type in “2” for Release restriction.

    · Add in the reason for any comments

    Type in the box section “commingled for date of service 01/01/1890”

    To add Commingled FYI to both records

    >In Flag Type Field “New Flag”

    >Incorrect: Type in “This is a commingled record. This is the incorrect record.

    · Click on the Magnifying glass and chose Commingled MRN or type in Commingled MRN or enter “5004”

    · The correct record is MRN 32331 is correct, this is a commingled record. This is the correct record. The incorrect is record is MRN 4444.

    >To exit, click back on Registration, click on Finish.

    To add a Co-mingle Stop Bill on both accounts

    >Click on Account Maintenance on the Tool Bar/Patient station on the left

    · Enter the HAR#

    · Click Accept

    >Click on Account activities Summary Tool Bar or Enter “28”

    · Under Add New Stop Bill Reason/ Modify Stop Bill

    · Click the magnifying glass in the Stop Bill field and chose Co-Mingled Issue

    · Click Accept then, Click on Add Stop Bill

    · Close

    To Remove Care Everywhere Status on incorrect record

    Click Epic>Tools>Care Everywhere Status

    · Enter MRN# or chose patient from Open Patients in Patient Lookup

    · Unclick the box under “This patient not participates in Care Everywhere at this Organization”.

    · Accept & Stay

    · Close

    Run an Audit Trail Report

    · Make Changes As Needed

    Chart Correction Cases/ Tasks

    · Go to Patient lookup> New Correction>General>Select Patient>Add the Correct Patient by MRN

    · Go to Task>Task list>Commingle Record>Check list

    · Add Task List by applying Date as Complete

    · Do an Extension of Date As Needed

    Example send correct claims >extend for 2 weeks, Review Billing Status>Extend for 1week, reactive/deactivate>extend for 1 week

    · Anything box that involves another department/ team member will be extended for 2 weeks.

    · Uncheck Any that Does Not Apply to the Patient

    · Email /Resolve Overlay Report

    >Go through all Task Individually and Mark them as Complete and Confirm

    Patient Contact Move (Must Test In Epic Support)

    · Select all Records Pertaining to date of Service that is Incorrect

    · Click on the Right arrow to Move it over >then select contact move

    · Check Patient station to Confirm if chart has Moved Successfully from incorrect chart to Correct

    Confirming a Successfully Move

    · Go to Manage Patient Identity

    · Confirming all records i.e. labs, media scan, etc. Information Has Moved Successfully

    · Deactivate/ Remove All FYI flags from Corrected Chart

    · Chart Correction Case to Confirm all Activities that Was Complete

    · Sent Email Confirming commingle has been corrected.

    Email should include: Example-The HAR 74775021 Has Been Combined to 81882048

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