Many have strong views on self-managed teams (SMTs) – they are either perceived as great resources or viewed as a complete waste of time and detrimental to an organization. Based on what your learned from Yazid (2015) and your own research, create a presentation that can be used in a professional development scenario with other leaders in IHRM. The presentation needs to both inform about SMTs as well as present your perspective regarding their potential effectiveness in IHRM. Be sure to include your assessment of:

  1. how      SMTs impact the workplace
  2. components      that are necessary for the teams to be successful
  3. advantages      and disadvantages SMTs offer employees in international settings
  4. the      role, if any, that international human resources plays in SMT processes.

Your presentation should:

  1. Be 12      slides in length (not including cover and reference slides).
  2. Include      presenter’s notes for each slide to further detail the key text that is      included on each slide.
  3. Integrate      a minimum of 5 scholarly articles in addition to course resources.
  4. Note:      Citations integrated into the presentations and all references must be      formatted according to APA format

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