Anthropology Essay

anthropology essay and related discussions are about Latino history. My myth (thesis statement) is ” Latino” are a homogeneous naturally existing, easily identifiable group. They aren’t a heterogeneity.” And I’m trying to debunk/ disagree with this point by saying Latino isn’t homogeneous, naturally existing and easily identifiable group. In the end, the conclusion should be it is actually heterogeneity group but however, you can say, even though they have a common cultural background. You can write your attitude go back and forth but eventually the inclusion of each paragraph should be “they are  heterogeneity group”. The thesis statement needed to be included in the text! Also with three debunking arguments also!

You need to cite using APA 6th format and please do APA IN TEXT citation whenever the information you used! And also please find three or more arguments/ point of views to support this idea.

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