How do interviews and letters to President Roosevelt show how Americans suffered during the Great Depression?

During the Great Depression the Works Progress Administration interviewed hundreds of Americans across the nation about their experiences. Moreover, thousands of Americans wrote to President Franklin D. Roosevelt and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt for help in their dire circumstances. In this essay you will answer two questions: (1) How do these interviews and letters explain the problems many Americans faced during this time? (2) What is different about these individuals’ experiences? How did Americans experience the Great Depression differently? You must give SPECIFIC EXAMPLES from these letters. (possible 50 points) When you use a quote from a letter, you need only write (Betty Burke, Chicago)—name and location. No citations needed. Format for essay:

Paragraph 1: Introduction. Include thesis statement for your essay. This must be a statement similar to this: Evidence from many Americans during the Great Depression shows that (xxx) and (yyy) happened because of (xxxxxxxx).

Paragraph 2: Analyze and use specific examples from documents for question 1.

Paragraph 3: Analyze and use specific examples from documents for question 2

Paragraph 4 Concluding paragraph

Attached are the assignment description, the interviews and the letters that need to be used in this assignment.

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