Research paper on the topic “ Are we Responsible for the change in environment and climate?”

Parameters for the assignment:

For the purpose of this research, you must write aneight to twelve-page paper (excluding the references) on the topic that you have proposed. The research paper must be based on the research that was proposed, documented, and researched in this class. All papers must be double spaced and presented in Times New Roman 12pt. font, with a one-inch margin and presented in the MLA format. All papers must have at least 10 MLA style in-text citation and a minimum of 10references in a MLA style work cited page. These references should be from those that were listed in your annotated bibliography. All research material referred to and cited in the work cited page must be presented in a research portfolio.

Your portfolio must consist of all the materials below:

3. Survey/ Interview (Primary Source)

4. One-page summary of the findings from the Survey/ Interviews

5. Bibliographic assignment (min of 20 bibliographic entries)

4. A one-page summary of your secondary research findings.

5. 812 page research paper (Minimum of 2 drafts)

6. 10 minutes’ final power point presentation and 5minutes Q&A

7. 10 references in your work cited page.

8. 10 in-text citations.

9. A copy of all the materials cited in your work cited page.

10. Citations highlighted in the copied material.

11. A two-page critical evaluation of your research.

You may submit all this in a portfolio format that you like. You may choose the manner of presenting this portfolio. And most importantly all the research should be done from Academic Search Complete and should br scholarly peer reviewed journals

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