Crime Mapping Discussion

Follow all instruction closely. All materials needed should be included. Use proper APA throughout. References provided below.

Have you ever made note of crime statistics in your community? These days, this information is readily available online. This information is often used when people consider moving into a new neighborhood or when they are trying to assess property values.

To prepare
  • Access the Crime Mapping website listed in this module’s Learning Resources.
  • Explore the capabilities of this tool by selecting several major cities where crime rates are likely to be higher.
  • Select one city, 2–3 crimes, and a 7-day time frame.

    (Note: Not all cities in the United States report crime data to this site, so you may need to try more than one city.)

  • Save a screenshot of the map that is created by your selection.

By Day 5 of Week 3

Upload a copy of the map screenshot you saved in your search. In a minimum of 150 words, discuss the city chosen, 2–3 of the highest crime occurrences, and whether the crimes you selected seem to be grouped closely together or spread out. Explain how law enforcement might use this type of technology. Specifically identify how this technology may be used to prevent crime.

Crime mapping website and reference:

TriTech Software Systems. (2016). CrimeMapping. Retrieved from

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