Directions: Now that you have a completed summary of the article “Time fails to Lessen the Furor of Title IX,” each group will assign each group member one View (World, Societal, Cultural, Community, or Personal) and one Stage of Thought (from your breakdown sentences or bracketed moments in the piece) to create a response for.

Each group member will write one paragraph for each of the types of response he/she/they are assigned to within the group.

Please feel free to discuss the responses you are working on with your group mates, but each individual will be responsible for turning in his/her/their own two labeled paragraphs of response.

For example: One member may be assigned to respond to SOT 2 and the

World View on Title IX and another member may be assigned to SOT 1 and

the Personal View on the article, etc.

Details: Remember that each individual response should 1) be carefully explained, 2) reference the original article, 3) have at least one example to help illustrate why the writer (you) feel the way you do, and 4) be clearly cited (use Brady’s name often). Each response should be between 7-14 sentences and may contain quotes from the article and/or paraphrases to help place the reader etc. (This all applies to the Sum/Res essay response section as well.)

Purpose: To practice the types of response you will do for the Summary/Response essay. For the individual essay (not this assignment), you will chose to use either the Views response format OR the SOT response format (see handout on Canvas).

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