Word Communication Paper

2. Who am I as a Communicator? Paper Requirements

The purpose of this paper is to ask and answer three questions: What am I like as a

communicator today? Who do I want to become as a developing communicator? Who is my

neighbor as I develop as a communicator? In answering these questions, you will analyze your

personal communication patterns using ideas from our lectures and textbook to identify habits,

suggest new standards for which to aim, and identify key others with whom you communicate

regularly. Please make application of biblical ideas or ideals (taken from class, or taken from

your own study) to describe the quality of communication you seek. The paper should be about

¾ explaining your communication (description/analysis) and ¼ prescribing how you might

improve to others locally and globally to significant others using biblical ideals


Make sure your paper:

• Follows standard term paper form and documentation (either MLA or APA format). A handy APA (American Psychological Association) format site is here: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/

• Begins with an introduction, and develops each idea in a separate paragraph

Length: 2000-2250 words (which is 7-8 pages of 12-point font double-spaced typing). The

paper will be penalized one-third of a letter grade for being 250 words over or 250 under the

range given, so aim for 2000-2250 words and you will be fine. Please include a word count on

the bottom of the last page.

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