Will there be a chain-of-command in the reporting process? 

For this section of the course project you will be asked to write agency policy regarding mandated reporting.

  • Under what circumstances must a worker report abuse, neglect, danger to self or others etc..?
  • Will there be a chain-of-command in the reporting process?
  • Within what time-frame must hotline calls be made?
  • What are your rules concerning documentation?
  • Within what time-frame should it be completed? What types of documentation are not appropriate? Be specific. Give examples.
  • The submission should be approximately 1 to 2 pages in length.
  • Rubrics; (Please follow rubrics to receive all possible points)
  • Submission discussed agency policy regarding mandated reporting, specifically for the following;
  • Circumstances regarding abuse, neglect, and danger to self and others
  • Chain-of command and time frame 40 pts
  • Time-frame for completing documentation
  • Submission identifies appropriate and inappropriate documentation, and time-frame for completing documentation,
  •  Specific example provided 30 pts
  • Submission –  1-2 page length requirement 20 pts
  • Submission followed standard mechanics for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and writing, if using in-text citations please reference your sources in APA format. 10 pts

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