the woman warrior by kingston 7 page essay

I have provided some sources and the reasons why i planned to use them below. Essay must be 7 pages of work then and 8th page for the work cited. I have cited my sources if your find other sources please cite the. The topic of this essay will be about what life is like for female first generation chinese american girls to grow having to struggle to fit in with both Chinese and american cultures because she has immigrant parents that want to hold on to their own culture and she has the american culture all around her and at school. must be scholarly articles that are used.

Annotated Bibliography

The is source has a lot of good info on what it is life for a child to have to deal with two identies and two cultures. It is hard to have parents who are immigrants and don’t understand the struggles that you have to face. There are certain expectations and pressures that these children are burdened with and they don’t have much guidance because than they are the first ones in their family who have to deal with this. This will help me with my essay because I want to write about what life is life to on first generation female Chinese Americans.

The second source would be a good fit for my essay because it talks about how the parents in Kingston’s novel feel about raising their kids in America. It will help give my essay a different perspective than just the child’s perspective. The source writes about how the parents raise their kids in a way that has the mindset of one day possibly returning back to live in china. I found that interesting and it will help me talk about how the children are given expectations for a country they do not even live in.

My third source was perfect for the direction I wanted to take this essay in. This source writes about the effect of growing up in a society and not feeling like you are fully part of the society because your parents are immigrants and migrated from a different country before coming to America. I also found it interesting that this source talks about how important it is for Chinese Americans to embrace that they are mixed race. They have two cultures that represents them, and two cultures and they get to accept the good and the bad from. This in whole makes them more diverse and knowledgeable about more than the average person who is only exposed to one culture.

Work cited

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