The content of this essay should reflect your knowledge gained and how you will apply it in your life.

  • An essay.
    • c
    • For additional support see What is Reflective Writing? (Links to an external site.)

The Packet Preparation: Week 3 Assignment must include two separate documents: your revised resume (from Week 1) and your essay.

  • The revised resume should include all aspects listed in Week 1.
    • In addition, the revised resume should be edited based on feedback from your instructor. Consider using Grammarly (Links to an external site.) and a Writing Center Paper Review (Links to an external site.) to increase successful revision.
    • List a statement of purpose (graduate school application packet only)
    • Outlines a summary of knowledge and skills. See Week One Assignment prompt for examples.
  • The essay must
    • Be aligned with your chosen packet. (See above.)
    • Be two to three pages, excluding the title page and references.
    • Have an introduction and a conclusion as described in the Ashford University Writing Center’s resource, Introductions & Conclusions (Links to an external site.).
    • Apply the components as described in the Ashford Writing Center’s Essay Structure (Links to an external site.) web page included in your resources.
      • Also review What is Reflective Writing? (Links to an external site.)
    • Exhibit obvious attention to critical thought and understanding of the content, as demonstrated in Samantha Agoos’ TED-Ed Animation, 5 Tips to Improve Your Critical Thinking (Links to an external site.).
    • Limit the use of quoted material, utilizing academic voice. See the Academic Voice (Links to an external site.) resource for additional guidance.
    • Apply exemplary grammar. Remember that this is an important variable for meeting your goals.

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