Software Review

Conduct appropriate research to summarize what software tools are available to aviation/aerospace project managers. Provide a report of your findings, which will be general in nature. The objective is to become familiar with what project management software tools exist. Make sure to include ProjectLibreâ„¢ in your search.

The report should include the following sections:

  • Types of software tools found and their potential use/utility to aviation/aerospace project managers.
  • Cost of various software tools. (Prices may not be easily obtained. You can estimate high, moderate, low.)
  • Ease of user operation. (Does it appear the tools would be easy to use or require extensive training?)


Note From Teacher :

For this assignment you only have to review/report on ‘three’ software tools. One being ProjectLibre. Two others can be found online very easily.

Questions to be answered for each tool are contained in the assignment prompt. End with a short summary of the three tools i.e. how different/similar are they and  which do you think is the overall best.


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