You are the new HR manager for Java Corp, a domestic cold coffee and tea company. Java Corp has had trouble retaining valuable employees, and the termination of a number of employees for performance and conduct has resulted in lawsuits. Prepare a memo to organizational management, analyzing best practices in approaches and procedures addressing each of these issues.


Research the retention and separation function of the chosen organization. Contact your instructor if you have questions.


Prepare a memo to organizational management. In your memo:

  • Apply best practices in employee engagement to the selected organization.
    • Include two best practices by HR professionals that would benefit the organization.
  • Apply retention strategies to the selected organization.
    • Include two strategies by HR professionals that would benefit the organization.
  • Explain the significance of voluntary and involuntary turnover for the selected organization.
    • Describe how turnover can have a financial impact on an organization.
    • Describe how turnover can impact existing employees.
  • Analyze how progressive discipline can be beneficial to the organization as well as the employees.
    • Include two benefits of this process. For example, explain how the progressive discipline process could reduce turnover or how it is important for documentation purposes.
  • Analyze practical considerations in terminations.
    • Describe legal and ethical factors that should be considered when a termination decision is made.
    • Include recommendations of how an organization can protect themselves from specific types of litigation.

Additional Requirements

Your assignment should also meet the following requirements:

  • Length: Three typed, double-spaced pages.
  • Written communication: Communicate in a manner that is scholarly and professional. Your writing should be:
    • Concise and logically organized.
    • Free of errors in grammar and mechanics.
  • Validation and support: Use a minimum of two relevant and credible scholarly or professional resources such as the Wall Street Journal to support your work.
  • APA format: Format all citations and references in accordance with current APA guidelines. Refer to the Evidence and APA Campus page for guidance.

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