Religion : Family relation (answer the question) Ebook will be Provided.


Family Relations

Read Balswick, Fourth Edition, Part 3 (chapters 6-10).Answer the following questions.

Single space acceptable, but leave a space between questions.

1.Summarize what the Balswicks say about the process of relationship empowerment as they begin chapter 6.Pages 104-106

2.Describe Diana Baumrind’s three styles of parenting and their likely results.Page 107

3.Explain the difference between discipline and punishment. Pages 108

4.Discuss the four styles of instrumental parent leadership. Pages 109-110

5.Assess and explain the styles of socioemotional parenting.Pages 111-114

6.Summarize then evaluate what the authors call a biblical model of parenting.Pages 116-119

7.Explain empowering to maturity.Pages 119-122

8.In a two or three sentences each, summarize the following:

a. Psychoanalytic Theory, page 128

b. Erikson’s Neopsychoanalytic Theory, page 129

c. Symbolic Interaction Theory, pages 129-130

d. Cognitive Development Theory, pages 131-132

e. Object Relations Theory, page 133-134

f. Social Learning Theory,page 134-135

g. Sociocultural Theory,page 135

h. Social Ecology, page 136

9.Concerning internal tension, what commonality do the authors see in Freud and the biblical picture of the human condition?Pages 137

10.Explain why the church is valuable as an extended family. Pages 139

11.In a couple of sentences each, summarize the various key elements of facilitating healthy growth of children. Pages 139-145

12.How is family spirituality involved in the moral and faith development of a child?Pages 147-148

13.Explain why adolescence is a time of identity crisis. Pages 162-163

14.Why is midlife a time of crisis?Page 164

15.What do the authors see as significant about the interaction of adolescence and midlife?Pages 165-171

16.Explain the launching stage of family life, and summarize the four key transition tasks in the launching stage?Pages 173-176

17.Summarize the challenges of the post-launching stage. Pages 176-182

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