Psychology writing assignment

2 parts to the writing assignment

Part 1:

Explain and discuss the depiction of a memory deficiency (ex: amnesia) of 2 characters from any movie.

For Example:

The movie “50 First Dates” with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler is a great movie to use. (The movie can be seen in parts on ‘you tube’).

You could explain and discuss the depiction of the memory deficiencies of (1) Lucy (Drew Barrymore’s character) and (2) the character “10 second Tom.” You would also have to indicate if the depiction was accurate and how it was or wasn’t and why you think it was or wasn’t.

Compare the depiction in the movie to what you have learned and read on the topic for this class (How is the depiction consistent and/or inconsistent with what you have learned about memory in this class?) for EACH of the characters. You must justify your responses.

2-3 paragraohs. 1 page.

Part 2:

Based on Howard Gardner’s eight types of intelligence which 3 would you score the highest on and why? *1 page 3 paragraphs*

—My results are attached highlighted in yellow

This is a website of notes that explains each type of intelligence for reference…

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