Project Planning Powerpoint

Develop a project plan for a proposed business system to be used by the Department of Veteran Affairs to improve patient care along with an economic feasibility analysis for the proposed system. Please use Figure 4-12 (attached) format your project plan. Additionally, develop a project scope statement, as described in Figure 4-13 (attached). Note: You don’t have to create these separately, include each section of the business plan and scope statement within your presentation.

The format of your PowerPoint presentation should be:  Slide 1: Title of PowerPoint, Course, Instructor, Date Submitted, Student NameSlides 2-4: Consider the requirements you determined in the previous week, list and describe first two sections of the project plan for the proposed business information system (Use Fig. 4-12 in the text as a guide): Introduction (Project overview and recommendation) and System Description (alternatives and System Description). Slides 5-7: Describe first two sections of the project plan for the proposed business information system (Use Fig. 4-12): Feasibility Assessment and Management Issues. Describe the feasibility of the proposed business information system in terms of schedule and perform a cost-benefit analysis. What type of cost-benefit analysis method you selected and why? Additionally, address any other feasibility concerns that you may have.Slides 8-9: Create a project scope statement for the proposed business information system, see (Fig. 4-13) for example. Discuss the proposed schedule for this business information system project and what will be the deliverables of the project. Slide 10: Reference List

Project Planning PowerPoint

  • Must have a minimum of 8 slides inclusive of speaker notes on each slide (not including title and references page slide) and formatted according to APA style

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