Project Plan Strategy Assessment Discussion Peers Review 1

Provide a classmate review on their discussion topic :

The document attached is part of the FAA research project portfolio. The project plan described here pertains to a human factors research project. Review this document, and consider the project management strategy employed. Note the terminology used; for example, the lifecycle phases are called stages.

Based on your studies in this class assess this project plan strategy. Does this project plan contain all the parts (phases) you would expect to find in a well-planned project? What is defined well, and what is not? Overall, does this project plan strategy appear to be based on the project management principles you have studied?



Classmate post that you need to post comment/ review on:

Looking at the  Federal Aviation Administration (FAA’s) Human Factors (HF) Plan and Process for fiscal year (FY) 2013 it certainly looks like it has all of the makings of a detailed plan.  It starts with the why, or the purpose, then goes on to detail all the steps to get to the deliverable, and who the end user will be and how to close it out. It is pretty specific on what the responsibilities of the Project Manger’s (PM) are and who he reports to.

It’s also very specific on the project termination process, the time-line on what gets turned in to who, when, and even the end disposition of all research materials and how to access that data.  One of the items I didn’t see was a detailed, or specific time-line.  In the project, it only lists start and finish in fiscal years (FY) which is (in my opinion) really vague and ambiguous.  Most other projects we discussed have had at least a specific day and month for a start and finish date.  This leads to measurability, and greater control over schedule, and therefore project status. 

There also does not seem to be any type of project flow.  In what order will the sub-projects be completed? The plan does a great job of describing what projects will be completed, what drove those projects, how to identify and acquire funding for those projects, but it really doesn’t go into detail on when those projects will be completed.  And are any of the projects inter-related? Will any of them be completed concurrently? And in what order will they be completed or are they all completely independent of each other.

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