Policy Analysis

Provide an analysis of a policy using the policy analysis framework presented in Chapter 5 of the Chapin text and materials presented in the class.  You should choose a policy that is not already featured in the policy analysis boxes of the Chapin text (Example: Box 7.10). Be sure that you respond to each section of the analysis framework, and that you proofread for spelling, grammar, or formatting errors. You will lose points for skipping sections or incomplete answers, and you will lose points for spelling, grammar, or formatting errors.

This is a 2 – 4 page paper. This page specification does not include the title page or reference page.

You will need to include references other than the policy itself in order to complete this assignment properly. This should include at least three peer-reviewed references, and may include more than that, along with think tank policy briefs or reports, or information from government entities or advocacy groups. Be sure to read the powerpoint on analyzing frameworks for more information on this point.

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