M5 Initial Interview 1: Child Protective Services Incident investagion fro protective services

This is based on the case scenario discussed in the last module.

Your investigative team has determined that, due to the severity of the girl’s beating, she should be placed into protective custody, and that the parents should be interviewed immediately.

The girl’s mother will be the subject of this interview.

Mrs. Jones is 37-years-old. She has a master’s degree in education and teaches natural science at the high school level. She has two children, a son who was an honor student and is a freshman at a highly selective college. Her daughter (the girl possibly going into protective custody) is 13. She is an eighth grade student who works very hard in all of her subjects, but unlike her older brother, school work has always come hard for her. Mrs. Jones presents a very polished, professional demeanor.

Decide what questions you will ask Mrs. Jones and how you will frame them. Present them here in the online setting.

Your instructor will be playing the role of Mrs. Jones. They will respond to your questions in the online setting. Based on the responses and the theory you are learning, is there more information you need, or any clarifications? Feel free to frame and submit more questions.

Your fellow students may add to the discussion thread, if they wish. These insights are very valuable.

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