Journal entry

This is a journal entry!!! Everything is listed below! Please have the book listed below! Managing stress by Brian Luke seaward

This week, you will complete exercise 14.3 My Creativity Project and reflect on your experience. This is your opportunity to let your creative juices flow. Have fun with this activity!

Reflect on your completed Creativity Project and respond to the following questions:

1 My Creativity Project is… Please describe your project.

2 How I did the project… Please explain the four states of creativity – explorer, artist, judge, and warrior.

3 What I learned from the creative process… Describe lessons learned from engaging in this project.

Your work should be submitted in a 1-2-page double spaced Word document. This is a skill building exercise. No references are required. However, if you use any source material beyond the textbook exercise, including course materials or external sources, you must cite your references using APA formatting for both in-text citations and reference page. Please carefully spell and grammar check your work before submitting.

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