History 1 easy assignment

•Directions: You will choose 5 examples from the text (the period does not matter) of opinions. You will then explain why they are an opinion and suggest in one or two sentences how they could be turned into an ‘informed opinion’ or more factual.

•The book is several hundred pages – find an opinion. I cannot be any clearer on that point. Where students often become confused is what is an opinion. That is part of the assignment. You must begin to discern between fact and opinion.

•You will find an opinion and follow the format below. I want the opinion written down and the page it comes from. Under the opinion, explain to me why it is an opinion, and what could be changed in the sentence to make it less opinionated and more factual.

•Finally, in one sentence, explain whether there is a problem or concern for students, with opinions offered in textbooks.

• •

•Format for the Opinion Paper:

•(In quotes is the sentence or sentences you select from the text and page number. Below it, indented is the analysis of the quote.)

“ The stuff that is in the book makes no sense and we must read it even though we cannot understand it” (364).

•This is an example of an opinion because it expresses an unsubstantiated and wholly personal position on an issue. If the person explained what makes no sense, why it makes no sense to them after they re-read the chapter twice, it would become more than simply an opinion. Or perhaps if the person added the fact that the author was a three year old and no one understands three year olds anyway.

And at the very end of the paper: Is it a problem for the average student to use a textbook filled with opinions?

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