https://youtu.be/-zwDhoXpk90 (link to the video)

https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/195U5-T1qBukfXwqXz9PyFU3Mv-IIwbT-?usp=sharing (link to textbook)


Use Potter Box in order to examine hacktivism from the standpoint of reason and philosophy. The paper must answer these questions: Do you agree with what the group Anonymous has done? Do you think that hacktivism and activism is for the greater good of all or better off nonexistent? Answer these question by using a reasoning process. Write in third person. 


The paper must reflect on hacktivism overall; then choose a specific incident of hacktivism in the video on which to focus on the paper. The paper must address all four sections of the Potter Box. Address each point separately.


  • – First paragraph: facts of the situation (what led to the hacktivism, the hacktivist act itself, the aftermath). What don’t you know? What options are there? Likely consequences?
  • – Second paragraph: 3 values you decide are important to consider in examining the case
  • – Third paragraph: 3 appropriate philosophies (principles) to apply to the case 
  • – Fourth Paragraph: 3 loyalties of all the stakeholders
  • – Fifth paragraph: closing statement, reiterate your position and final judgement. Judgment section presents the process the writer went through in making a final decision, with references to the textbook and the video.

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