Grammar and Prewriting

Choose one of the three topics below.

  • Topic 1: Is it more important to have soft skills or hard skills? Support your claim with research, including how either soft skills or hard skills are used in your career.
  • Topic 2: How do the skills you’re learning in General Education courses apply to your future career? Support your paper with research (ex. communication, soft skills, importance of time management, etc.).
  • Topic 3: Convince a friend, family member, or coworker to consider earning a college degree. Identify 3-5 reasons why someone should be a college graduate.

Choose a prewriting activity – free-writing, brainstorming, mapping or questioning. Perform the activity using the topic you chose above. Some questions to consider as you prewrite:

  • What do you already know about the topic? What interests you about the topic?
  • Where might you learn more about the topic? (Friends? Family?)
  • What sources would be helpful in learning about this topic?

Discuss your prewriting activity.

  • What prewriting activity or activities did you do?
  • Why did you select the prewriting activity or activities that you did?
  • What was hard about the activity?
  • What was easy about the activity?
  • Explain your reasons for selecting your topic, and how the prewriting process helped you in exploring the topic

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