Global Luxury Market Presentation

Global Luxury Market

choose to luxury brand one from Saudi Arabia and one they bring it to Saudi Arabia

the one from Saudi arabia I choose

and the one they bring it to Saudi arabia

and they put the largest rolex watch in

simple powerpoint with details and information about the Global Luxury Market


Course Description 

The ‘Luxury Brand Marketing’ course will examine marketing strategies across multiple brand sector with an emphasis on digital marketing, globalization, and innovation. Throughout the course, we will explore what drives the new luxury business models, the global market, and marketing intelligence. Through case studies, research, and guest lecturers, we will analyze the essence of luxury branding, distribution systems, and the critical role of brand image in the digital age. Through this course, students will learn how luxury brands develop, secure, and maintain their desirable reputations. Students will gain insights and critical skills to make decisions about strategic business and how to approach luxury marketing from a global perspective.

Required Textbooks 

Rethinking Luxury: How to Market Exclusive Products in an Ever-Changing Environment. Wittig, Martin C.; Sommerrock, Fabian; Beil, Phillip; Albers, Markus (2015). Published by Lid Publishing Inc. ISBN-13: 978-1907794568

Suggested Reading
Kapferer on Luxury: How Luxury Brands Can Grow Yet Remain Rare. Kapferer, Jean-

Noël (2015). Publisher Kogan Page. ISBN-13: 978-07494-7436-2

Luxury Brand Marketing 001 SPRING 2021 

Course Key Learning Goals 

  • Understanding history of heritage luxury brands their global reach
  • Explore the present and past consumer perception of the luxury market
  • Develop the skill sets necessary to execute marketing strategies for the luxury market
  • Analyze and understand the elements in the luxury culture
  • Understanding the luxury sectors and the power of leveraging of heritage brands

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