gaming, signage, interactivity, icons, web-based, smart phone based

Forum to include “found” examples of digital art in the world of experience. Look for gaming, signage, interactivity, icons, web-based, smart phone based, etc. Grab and include examples of found digital art in a narrated presentation (PPTX is fine). Many of you have excelled at producing short videos with edited segments, soundtrack, really rich presentations such as Powerpoint, or some other format you may wish to use to get “creative”. Digital art is all around us – take a field trip or search in the virtual world…but try to select and “curate” exemplars – the ‘best of’. Include a short narrative on each found piece. Find and prepare/submit a report on at least 7-8 outstanding examples of how digital art is in our everyday experience. Please include 1-2 paragraphs reacting to the aesthetics of the piece and critique it as you would a piece of conventional art. Please review the note on subject matter…it will help you curate between personal photo album pieces and those desirable for the course.

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