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Week 5, Discussion 1: Part 3 of Strangers in Their Own Land

James Wilson

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Ch. 9 is an important moment in this book: here Hochschild shares what she believes the “deep story” is for the most conservatives in the United States. This is the story that she believes conservatives feel to be true. The rest of Part 3 gives portraits of different archetypes within the conservative movement through four case studies, specific examples that illustrate different types of conservatives.

Pick one of the case studies to summarize:

  • “The Team Player,” Janice Areno (ch. 10)
  • “The Worshipper,” Jackie Tabor (ch. 11)
  • “The Cowboy,” Donny McCorquodale (ch. 12)
  • “The Rebel,” Mike Schaff (ch. 13)

Once you’ve picked one, briefly summarize what we learn about this character. Then, explain how your chosen character’s views correspond with the deep story of “waiting in line” that Hochschild describes at the beginning of the section. It may differ in some places, too. That’s fine. Explain the connections you see between the character and the deep story.

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Once you have entered your own answer, respond to another’s post (someone who has chosen a different case study) with another healthy paragraph. Validate what you find interesting about what they say, then add something to their analysis. What can you say more about? What do you have a different opinion on? Remember to be respectful.

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