Essay Question about ROMANTICISM. Choose ONE of the following questions to answer in an essay 7-8 pages in length.

1. The Romantics are often regarded as poets of Nature to an unprecedented degree. To what extent is this an accurate characterization? To what extent does it oversimplify or mislead?

2. The Romantics are just as often characterized as poets of the Imagination. What does this mean? How is imagination in conflict with nature? In harmony with nature?

3. Many critics have argued that the Romantics are poets of intensified self-consciousness, internalizing just about everything. Others have argued that they seek to escape the burden of consciousness. Is there a sense in which both views are true?

4. Discuss how the Romantics both carry forward and transform such typical late 18th-century poetic types as satire, the evening poem, or the loco-descriptive poem. What is their general attitude toward the 18th-century poetic inheritance, considering both Neoclassicism and Sensibility?

5. The French Revolution was the single most important historical event in the lives of the First-Generation Romantics. What were the basic arguments made in England both for and against the Revolution? Discuss how individual authors, both in poetry and prose, deal with such an event, along with the complications in their basic attitudes.

6. “Myth-making” has been seen as a prominent feature of a visionary, prophetic strain in Romantic poetry. The truth of this is clear for Blake, perhaps less so for Wordsworth and Coleridge. Discuss the sense in which at least two of these poets are engaged creating new myths or transforming old ones.

7. What does Jane Austen really think of marriage and Romantic love? You will need to discuss at least two well-chosen novels to make this work.

You have considerable latitude, as long as your argument addresses the course material in a significant way. Although this is not a research paper, your arguments need to be properly supported. In any case, remember to properly credit your sources.

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