English 120 essay, about listicle technology land A.I

Create a BuzzFeed-Style Article Once you have chosen a specific topic involving some aspect of technology and artificial intelligence, create a 5-10 item list that will help your reader understand it better. Some examples are “5 Reasons Robots Can Save Lives,” or “7 Ways A.I. Threatens Humanity.” Consider ordering your items emphatically—least important to most important. Also, be sure that the sources you cite are credible and current. You should cite at least one of the articles you were assigned from this course. You do not need to do outside research, but you are welcome to. You should be citing journal or newspaper articles, not web sites or blogs. While you do not need a separate Works Cited page for this assignment, you do need to include your citations somewhere, either as you go or at the end of the Listicle. Finally, this 100-point assignment will also require you to adhere to the features listed on the right-hand side of this document.

Introduction & conclusion required Add a photo, meme, or gif for each item in your list. Number each item in your list. Integrate quotations from 2-3 credible articles. Use at least one real or hypothetical example for each item in your list.  Your listicle should be 1,000-1,500 words total.  Integrate 5-10 words/phrases from the Templates & Transitions handout. Highlight these.

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