Double Journal Entries

1. Silke, A. (Ed). (2010) The Psychology of Counter-Terrorism. Chapters 1-5

2. Sociology and Psychology of Terrorism Report (SPT) (Hudson) Page 1-21

3. Article: The Mind of the Terrorist: A Review and Critique of Psychological Approaches; Author(s): Jeff Victoroff Source: The Journal of Conflict Resolution, Vol. 49, No. 1 (Feb., 2005), pp. 3-42

4. Section 1-4 (Borum) pp 1-21.

Borum, R. (2004). Psychology of terrorism. Tampa: University of South Florida Sociology and Psychology of Terrorism Report (SPT) (Hudson) (these documents will be linked in course e-companio

Page for each chapter and article total of 8 pages.

she the uploaded file double journal entry file. it is how to do it

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