Discussion: Systems Safety Peer Review 1

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Based upon what you have read so far, the goal of systems safety is to develop a system with an acceptable level of risk. That is all well and good. However, in your opinion, what happens when we take a system, use it for a period of time then change the parameters of how we use it, or if we modify the system with new technology?


Classmate post that you need to post comment/ review on :

I currently fly the MH-65 helicopter which has been around since the early 80s. Since its inception, it has gone from the Alpha model to the most recent Echo model. The change in models over the years has upgraded systems and components in varying ways. Engines, tail rotor, avionics, ADS-Bare just a few changes over years while the actual airframe is the same. Some parts made the aircraft more capable by capitalizing on newer technology, while others were required to meet changing FAA regulations. As you can imagine a lot has changed in technology and regulation in the last 35+ years this aircraft has flown. This initial aircraft followed the system development of concept definition, development, production, operation, and disposal (Ericson, 2015). Each of the model changes also followed this system development model. Extensive design and testing of the new systems occurs before the upgrades are implemented across the fleet to discover any incompatibilities or flaws. The aircraft is also tested at Patuxent River. As the “goal of systems safety is to develop a system with an acceptable level of risk” each of the changes can be looked at as hazard mitigation. Improved engines mean better single-engine capability in the event one engine quits. Better avionics leads to increased pilot situational awareness. ADS-B and Mode S improve ATC and other aircraft situational awareness. The rollout of the new models is a challenge. Learning new systems, procedures, limits that are similar yet different causes confusion. Human errors are introduced when everyone is learning the new model aircraft together but having a safety system allows for units to hopefully mitigated hazards with the transition.

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