discussion forum

discussion 1

videos to watch to answer

1)-Which video in this set would have the most impact if the messages were applied UDC? Why do you think that? Finally how would you reshape our enrollment management process because of the message in the video?

2. How does culture, in your opinion, effect the decision to attend a university. After all the decision to attend college is not remarkably different from that of buying a car or a new dress or who to date.

3. Identify three cultural groups that attend or could attend UDC. Define those three groups and then briefly develop the kinds of things we could do to attract people from each of those groups.

discussion 2

1. How would you go about segmenting the current UDC student population? Would you do it by gender, age, occupation, family life cycle? Perhaps race, ethnicity, location, culture, or some other approach would be better? Following up, what population segments not encountered here in large numbers would useful for UDC to seek out?

2. Given these segments you identified in 1 above remember that any business segmentation must be profitable. Consider for this question, there are two sides of any decision. These are the cost side and the benefit side. Given this develop three market segments that the university could profitably develop that should substantially increase our enrollment.


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