Discussion: Asiana Flight 214 Analysis Methods Peers Review 1

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Based on the report you compiled for your boss, describe the Asiana Flight 214 malfunction you analyzed and which method you selected to complete your assessment. Include why you decided this was the most applicable method for the malfunction and your primary recommendation for correcting this malfunction.


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For this week module I choose to use the Management oversight and risk tree (MORT) analysis technique. Ericson (2015) explained that the MORT is primary used as a reactive tool for mishap and accident investigations, but also for the proactive control of hazards. This method is preferred because we can notice oversight errors from an inexperienced crew that failed and mismanaged the airplane descent during their approach into San Francisco Airport. The National Transportation Safety Board Accident Report (NTSB) (2013) details the causal events and determined that the accident was in fact occurred by human error. The overreliance on automation, fatigue and improper training led the aircrew to wrong decisions and actions without employing the necessary situational awareness during the flight.  

New generation aircrafts flight automation is complex and require proper training to understand the operational modes of automatic systems and flight controls. If this process is interrupted or not explicitly taught, the crew can make mistakes that can ultimately lead to unwanted events. When technology increases, the human understanding of automation decreases, and human error are more likely to happen. There was a lack of communication and coordination between the pilots when they opted to select the autopilot flight director system leaving the throttles in idle (NTSB, 2013).

In order to mitigate these hazards, airline companies must clearly identify manuals and procedural trainings in accordance with the specific aircraft models that pilots are using. When pilots are not fully qualified on a specific aircraft model, the use of flight simulators is essential since these simulators can recreate flight emergencies without the need to put the lives of passengers at risk. Furthermore, post evaluations of trainings and trainers must be enforced to ensure that the training process is completed before operating an aircraft.

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