Discuss what you learned from this assignment. Do you believe this assignment will help you in the future in any way? 

I need help answering the question below. I have attached Week 3 & 8 journal entries for reference.

For Week 10, review your investment for the last time. You must:
1.Record  the current price of the stock for each company you selected in Week  3’s Stock Journal. You may use any price during this week (e.g., day one  price, the opening, the low, the high, the close, or any price you find  when you check it during the day). Using a MS Excel spreadsheet or MS  Word document, put your Week 8 and Week 10 stock prices side-by-side, to  show the comparison.
2.Determine the total value of your investment.
3.Provide  your final opinion / assessment of your investments. Did you make money  or lose money? Discuss your results and, based on hindsight, describe  what you would do differently.
4.Discuss what you learned from this assignment. Do you believe this assignment will help you in the future in any way?

Company Investment made
Walmart 5000
Apple 15000
Netflix 5000

Apple is currently selling a share at $153.30; I can purchase 97 shares for a total investment of $14,870.1(“Yahoo AAPL”). The reason for investing such a significant amount in Apple is due to the fact that the Cupertino smartphone giant has a precedent of raising its dividend payouts each year since 2012. The reserves at AAPL are to the tunes of $238 billion which is money that is returned to shareholders through dividends and stocks. The plan is to invest long term till the valuation of the company is back to the trillion level, then I will cash out.

I will then buy 15 shares of Netflix at a price of $326.4 per share investing a total of $4,896(“Netflix”). Netflix is a good choice to invest in, mainly due to its growing customer base and originality. Despite facing competition from Hulu and Amazon, Netflix has a perfect strategy in place to expand its streaming services to the outside world. The password sharing menace is also being dealt with and this will see increased revenues in the coming quarters.

Walmart is currently selling a share at $97.49; I will purchase 51 shares at a total investment cost of $4,971.99 (“Walmart”). The reason Walmart is a good investment decision is largely due to its shift to ecommerce and the ever-growing need to invest in its people. Walmart has had impressive annual revenue of $500 billion in the previous year which showed a 1.3 percent growth rate. The earning per share of Walmart is growing and at 3 percent and with the plans in place I think it will be worth the wait.

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