Create 1 PowerPoint slide that details your topic of interest and its tie-in to health care. 

  • Choose 1 health-care-related topical area or function of interest (e.g., quality improvement, health care systems of care), and combine this with 1 of the areas of prospective practice (e.g., community-based, not-for-profit, acute-care hospital, for-profit urban hospital, public health facility).
  • Using the AIU library, review 6 contemporary, research-based articles of interest that relate to your chosen topical area or function and area of prospective practice.
  • Summarize the problems that the research articles are addressing. Identify whether the research is qualitative or quantitative or a mixed methodology.

Assignment Details

  • Create 1 PowerPoint slide that details your topic of interest and its tie-in to health care.
  • Slides 2–4 should each represent 2 of the reviewed articles.
    • Include the title, author, type of methodology (quantitative, qualitative, or mixed-method).
    • The Speaker Notes area for each slide must highlight the problem statement of each article.
      • All slides should be accompanied by speaker notes. Notes accompanying slides should, at a minimum, have 2 original paragraphs per slide; speaker note paragraphs represent the essay part of the deliverable.
  • The Reference slide must have the full APA reference for each article chosen for this deliverable.

Deliverable Type and Length

  • A  6-slide PowerPoint presentation with clearly developed speaker notes on each slide
  • Speaker note areas are the essay part of the deliverable; 2 paragraphs per speaker note area at a minimum, 1 x 100 x 6 = 600
  • Title and reference slides are an addition to the 6 content-driven slides

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