Case Study

Write a 6-10 page paper. Must be APA format, 12pt font, 4-6 legitimate, verifiable sources, title page, an introduction, intext citations, reference page The paper marked sample paper is a paper that was actually a paper written for the class for you to use as an example. I happen to have the same professor. This is due Saturday October 5, 2019 at 3 PM EST 40 hours. Follow the outline of the sample paper. The grade of the sample attached was a 100 %. Plagiarism Free!!

The case study will focus on a historic or current issue in your discipline. You will assess the issue and develop a plan for addressing it.

Your paper should:

· Identify the leadership challenges in the public safety environment the issue presents, including identifying and discussing the ethical issues the case highlights.

· Discuss the leadership approaches, if any, that have been taken so far.

· Include a SWOT analysis of the issue.

· Discuss your analysis of the issue as a leader and present a leadership plan to address the issue.

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