Case Study

1. Prepare a two- or three-page paper in APA format in which you state your position regarding the case and address the question or questions.

2. Also, address how your Christian faith will impact your decisions as a leader. Provide at least one scriptural reference that supports your position.

3. I have attached the textbook should you need it.

Teaching and Learning Ethical Case Study

A Camera in the Classroom

Ms. Brown is a first-year teacher at a mid-sized suburban high school. As a way to review and improve her teaching skills, the administration has approved placement in her classroom of a video camera that is recording constantly throughout the school day. All of her students and their guardians have been made aware of the camera and have signed an agreement stating that: “the footage obtained will be used by the classroom teacher to observe, reflect, and improve on her pedagogical methodology.”

Brown has lunchroom monitor duty during her free period each day. After one such period, she returned to classroom to find the door ajar and several student projects damaged, and derogatory language on her chalkboards. The administration was notified of the issue and, upon a brief inquiry, found that none of the surrounding classroom teachers or the hall monitors saw anyone enter or leave her room. An announcement asking for anonymous information from the student body also turned up no leads.

The administration is asking for access to Brown’s videotaped footage in the hopes of identifying the perpetrator(s). Should Brown accede?

Adapted from Global Institute for Ethics,

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