Briefly and concisely state the main idea of each reading.

Document Based Assignment

These will be available on the course web site.

From The Christian Theology Reader, 4th Edition by Alister E. McGrath, ed., you are to read one (1) pair of the following three (3) selections:

A 6.3 Tertullian on Inherited Grace and 6.6 Origen on Inherited Sin

B 6.14 Augustine on Human Freedom and 6.17 Pelagius on Human Freedom

C 6.35 Philip Melancthon on Justification by Faith and 6.69 The Council of Trent on Justification

You are to write a 400 – 600 word typed response to the readings according to the following directions:

· Briefly and concisely state the main idea of each reading.

· What is the argument/thesis/main point of each author?

· Briefly describe any points of agreement or disagreement.

· Do the author’s agree on a given point? Briefly explain where they agree.

· Do they disagree? Briefly explain where they disagree.

· Evaluate and take a position on the readings.

· Do you agree with one author over another? Why/why not?

· What is your own position in relation to the readings?

Please use the Document Based Assignment Template posted on the course site to respond to the points above. Please follow standard formatting styles: font size 12, Times New Roman or Calibri, standard margins. Please try to double side the assignment when printing, if you can’t please staple the pages together.

The due date for this assignment is: Monday, February 26th or Tuesday, February 27th.

Late assignments will be accepted, but will be graded lower by 5 points per day late, including weekends and holidays. If there is a problem, let me know, don’t wait!!!!!

This component will be worth 100 points toward your overall grade for the semester.

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