A minimum of 100 words each question and References Response

A minimum of 100 words each question and References Response #1 – 6) KEEP RESPONSE WITH ANSWER

Make sure the Responses includes the Following: (a) an understanding of the weekly content as supported by a scholarly resource, (b) the provision of a probing question. (c) stay on topic

1) I enjoyed reading your post. I think you made many great points about how embedding innovation into the DNA of the company can be important. You addressed importance’s such as promoting innovation through recruitment, identify margins of significant gain or loss for the organization and to obtain metrics to help identify solutions for decisions making. These are all really great points and I think that they can make a huge difference in the success of an organization. I think that innovation starts from the culture of the organization. If employees can sense that innovation is valued and sought after, they are more likely to put efforts there.

2) It would be highly important for the team to have, and embrace several attributes, adaptability , effective communication, they would have to be a servant leader, someone who understands that they might have to push the weight instead of telling others how much weight to push, they would have to have imagination, and vision, and be committed to the goal as well as the team, and the leaders. I would need them to be team players who are not worried about being a star but are more focus with making everyone successful. They would have to be motivators, people who can lead a team and engage with them, so the team sees and shares the same goals without personal barriers, or created obstacles from fear of change, or self-righteous agendas. “Team innovation is influenced by personal innovation, team characteristics, and contextual factors”(Chien Yu,Chin-Cheh,2013), They would need to be discipline, with the patients to ensure they cover the details, and for me one of the most important attributes is loyalty, in my opinion a hard worker with no loyalty is work without truth. When working with the customers they would need to understand the wants and the needs of the customers, understand business and be good decisions makers, have a holistic point of view, be confident when making decisions, but be humble when questioned or other ideas or suggested , or implemented. The team must be committed to learning and growing , and have dreams, and imagination, I would want the team to be family oriented, and be compassionate for one another, with a willingness to help , and do what it takes to succeed with honor, and respect of the customer, the business, the coworkers and themselves. However, we must have an understanding of the people we employ, and try to help build or improve some of those attributes, “as the role of employees in shaping implementation processes and outcomes is critical, the way in which they perceive and react to innovation needs to be understood”(Hyek,Jin,Se Yeon Choi,2019). The CEO must ensure that everyone is on the same page for innovation to work.

3) Hello all. “CEOs who remain open to learning are the ones who continue to live at their growth edge. In fact, one of their greatest skills is being able to know what they don’t know” ((Patel, 2017 para 6). Two traits I would definitely look for are humility and stewardship. A person that understands that all he has was given to him by God and that he or she has a responsibility to God to take care of what has been given is a great plus. He or she would understand that the company and the people have been entrusted to his care and will treat them with respect. He or she will understand that the people have gifts, talents and ideas that should be valued and developed not ignored. Another trait would be honesty and integrity that he or she demands from the leadership team, so the employees will believe that the company is a safe environment, in which they are free to share their ideas. Lastly, expertise and passion for that particular industry, good organization, sense of purpose, good communication skills and vision.

4) I agree that every organization must take into consideration their creavity and the idea management. Understanding the company, products and the need for improvements is key to being innovative. When there is a true understanding the these items this is when the real innovation can make changes. Thinking about business models, I agree that understanding and using them is important to any successful, innovational company.

5) One of the main key elements to innovation is creative thinking skills, being able to look beyond what the eye see’s and see something more than what is just sitting right in front of you. In a recent study findings suggest that students’ logical thinking and collaboration directly affect analytical thinking and indirectly affect creative thinking via analytical thinking. In addition, students’ analytical thinking directly affects creative thinking Wongpinunwatana, N. (2019) this study was performed at a college in relation to business research classes and the effects it has on students. The more I learn in relation to business the more I expand my own mind in creative ways to take something further than what it currently is. I think the key to thinking with an innovative mind is to learn more about business in general. My second idea for myself is to continue to speak up on ideas that I have and not remain silent and sit in the shadows, a closed mouth does not get fed and a silent idea does not get heard by others. Learning to speak up even if an idea is shot down does not mean you shouldnt still continue to try to look for new ideas when the chance comes your way.

6) I believe that one of the biggest things that I can do for myself to further my innovational capabilities is to gain more knowledge. Knowledge of the key to learning more, to staying competitive and to understand our ever changing world. I absolutely believe that within the next two years I will be returning to school to receive my master’s degree. Allowing myself to learn more about my field, further my knowledge and continue growing myself will only give me a cutting edge. Having a cutting edge will allow me to further my innovational capability. I also believe that I will submerge myself in my field/career. By doing this I am able to understand my field, what could be designed or put in place to improve it or what more I could be doing to improve myself and push the innovational boundary.

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