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Introduction To Philosophy – Epistemology

Introduction To Philosophy – Epistemology Introduction According to Importanceofphilosophy.com, “Epistemology is the study of our method of acquiring knowledge. It answers the question, “How do we know?” It encompasses the nature of concepts, the constructing of concepts, the validity of the senses, logical reasoning, thoughts, ideas, memories, emotions, and all things cognitive. It is concerned […]

I need help with powerpoint assignment!

I need you to make powerpoint about the chapters that uploaded. It should be about 10 minutes presentation. covering : Category One: Did the student accurately represent the philosophical point in his or her presentation? Category Two: Did the student advance the logical investigation of some aspect of the philosophical point in a “pro” or […]

Substance Abuse Prevention

In a 1,000-1,250-word assignment, examine at least two substance abuse prevention programs in the United States. Refer to the list of useful websites at the end of Chapter 16 to help you successfully complete your paper. Make sure you choose prevention programs and not intervention programs. Your assignment must include the following for each program: […]

Psychology project, Your assignment is to choose one of your OWN behaviors that you would like to modify,

STEP 1: Your assignment is to choose one of your OWN behaviors that you would like to modify, using the conditioning principles you learned about in the text and from the videos. Consider bad habits you might be interested in changing, such as biting your nails, procrastinating, not exercising, etc. You can utilize principles of […]

Project 2: Observation Journal

I need to do an observation journal of the advertisements I have been working with. I have attached the Guidelines and Rubric, so you know what needs to be done. I have also attached and example observation journal that you can go off of. I have attached the links to the 4 advertisements, plus the […]

Topics in Agency vs Structure: A Research Essay

ENGL 120 Research Paper Prompt Topics in Agency vs Structure: A Research Essay ____________________________________________________ Thus far in our course, we have explored the tension between individual agency (our free will, personal decisions, etc.) and structural forces (the power of our environments and the systems in which we operate). This research essay process allows you to […]

Learning from Supervision

For this week’s Video Discussion, complete the following: Create and submit a written script of your video discussion. You must type out your comments verbatim. The goal is to show organization of thought prior to recording your video post. Use APA style citations to reference readings discussed in your video discussion. These references can be […]

Read and answer then write

In our class discussion, we considered aspects of perception, interpretation, and different degrees of awareness of our own subjectivity. We also considered how comfort and stereotyping also can affect our notions of what is right, and of “truth.” We ended our class by considering how we experience manipulation and “partial truths” in contemporary media, and […]

Primary source

Prepping to do the Assignment OK, so what is a primary source? It can be defined as anything created by someone involved in an event, about the event. For example, it could be a diary or a picture. These are the raw bits of history and we use them to understand the people and events […]