Writing about multicultural understanding

Write a 3 page paper, typed, and double-spaced in which you discuss your personal journey using the guidelines below.

Use anecdotes, provide examples, and most importantly, MAKE IT PERSONAL! (I am from Saudi Arabia, I have Arabic background and culture)

a.Consider your racial/ethnic heritage; reflect upon your known and unknown ancestry (roots). Also indicate the accompanying attitudes and feelings of significant others in your life toward culturally different groups.

b.Review your personal and family values. Give examples of how your values are expressed in your everyday life (e.g., family, work, relationships, etc.).

c.Identify your own cultural group (as distinguished by language, music, food, religion, region, dress, education, socio-economic class, sexuality, gender, etc.). How has your racial/ethnic/cultural identity affected the way you interact with others, and the way others interact with you?

d. Discuss any cultural conflicts you have experienced directly or vicariously, e.g., cultural adjustment, values conflict, general confusion, delights …!

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