Write about a movie called “Run Lola Run”

Pick a film that we “watched” in class and write about a character (or characters) that interest you. The film is “Run Lola Run “

10 POINTS: Write the Blog! If you make the effort then you’ll earn points. Please have a title for your work. DON’T TITLE IT “BLOG 2” or any other generic title such as “Pan’s Labyrinth: The Final Scene.” Please be creative or lyrical. A GENERIC TITLE OR NO TITLE WILL COST YOU 5 POINTS.

10 POINTS: Pick a character (or characters).

20 POINTS: DON’T WRITE A FILM SUMMARY. With the character (or characters) think about the notion of “Identity.” How does identity materialize” in these films? For instance, think about the theoretical possibilities such as “post-colonialism” and/or “feminism” or other concepts such as “existentialism,” “psychology, or “ideology” (politics, nationality, ethnicity, religion, etc)” How do these concepts influence identity? Explain how if does or does not influence it. How is “sexuality,” “masculinity,” and/or “femininity” represented to these characters? You may choose one or all three possibilities.

**** DON’T WRITE A FILM SUMMARY. If you write a brilliant film critique, it won’t let you off the hook. We have seen these films in class so it’s unnecessary to make that effort.

10 POINTS: Choose a “scene (or scenes)” that validates your answer. Explain how or why it “complicates” the essence” of identity.”


NOTE: Write your personal views of the scene (love it, like it, hate it, or indifferent). If the scene objects other interpretations and you wish to provide an alternate view, that’s great. I encourage it. I understand that many are not majors in this field so I won’t hold everyone accountable to film terminology. It helps to use these terms but it won’t hurt your chances. However, there are other means to convey your thoughts such as historical or ideological interpretations as well as style and theme. Indeed, blogs are an informal writing process so I won’t deduct for grammatical style (1st person or 3rd person is perfectly fine) other than SPELLING and proper word usage (THEIR, THERE, THEY’RE). As much as I encourage free liberties in writing please keep it CIVIL and NO VULGARITIES. (SPELLING, USAGE, & VULGARITIES WILL COST A POINT EACH TIME)

Again, please write your thoughts FREELLY so we may understand how you feel about these characters. Don’t limit these thoughts to one sentence. Please indulge further into your thought process. NO OUTLINES!!! You may write one long paragraph or multiple paragraphs. Either/or is fine.

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