Write a proposal for the final paper(This assignment is very important)

Question 1: A paper proposal forces you to think about the topic and what supporting evidence you have for the topic about which you intend to write. Though a part of the proposal includes a tentative thesis and an introduction to the paper you propose to write, both are tentative which means you can change your mind about your topic, revise your thesis and/or your introduction. Changing your mind about the topic will necessitate your submitting a new proposal which deals with your newly chosen topic. Please follow the proposal instructions and the sample proposal to write this assignment. I have attached below. At least 800 words, MLA formatting with correct citation.

Choosing topic: Well, I would prefer you select a topic you are actually interested in. The criteria is that your topic be some idea or belief that is widely held but based on pseudoscientific reasoning. For example, a surprising number of people are members of the flat earth society. The earth isn’t flat, of course, and there is plenty of science to prove that it is, in fact, round. If this were your topic, (and I wouldn’t suggest you choose it), you would have to explain what the Flat Earth Society is, what members believe, why what they believe is false, and then explain why such a belief could be a problem for the believers, the larger culture or both.
Easier topics to manage might be Global Warming denial, the whole vaccines cause autism nonsense, Young Earth Creationism, stuff like that.

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