Write a 1000 word research proposal

My topic: Gentrification and Displacement in NYC

Imagine that you are applying to the Dean of Harpur College for funding to support a research project you intend to pursue. The review committee for such an award would include faculty members from a range of departments as well as past recipients of the award who likely know nothing about sociology or your topic. To apply, you must write a 1000 word research proposal in which you:

1) Justify your research (1 or 2 paragraphs)– in the introduction you should:

a) state your research question (in the form of a question) and

b) elaborate the broad social relevance of your question

c) elaborate the scholarly relevance of your question

d) identify your main audience for you research (scholarly or applied) and

e) identify its purpose (descriptive, explanatory or exploratory)

2) review the literature (3-4 paragraphs)– present the scholarly debates with which you hope to engage by

a) discussing at least two distinct arguments that scholars have made regarding your question

b) citing at least 5 sources you identified in your annotated bibliography in discussing these arguments and

c) making an argument about why one of these arguments is better

3) Describe proposed research (1 paragraph)– briefly describe how you might go about researching your question.In your description identify whether you anticipate that the research will entail quantitative or qualitative research.

The main interest here is to develop your position regarding existing work on your topic.So the bulk of your proposal should be the literature review. To refer to research or other sources you have consulted on your topic, use in text citations.See the ASA style guide for how to do this. At the end of the proposal list all cited references.The reference list is not included in the word count.

Link to the ASA style guide


So its basically, pick two arguments on the topic (Gentrification and Displacement in NYC) and make sure they’re opposing then support one of them!!

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