WK1 Discussion – Bad science?


Watch the TED Talk Battling Bad Science (14 minutes). Find a current media story that cites at least one research study to advise you on some aspect of your life (examples: drink a glass of wine a day to prevent something, don’t eat avocados to prevent something, mediate for better mental health, etc). The story could be a video, something publicized through social media or an article in a newspaper or magazine.


Read through the story and then search for the original research study through the OLLU library. Write a discussion post describing:

  • The original media source that you found;
  • Your search for the original research article;
  • A brief overview of the original research article; and
  • An assessment of whether it is in your best interest to follow that advice.

To respond to your peers’ posts, read and critique their assessment of their article and whether you would follow their recommendation.

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