Window treatment: innovation and unexpected historical and contemporary window treatments across cultures

Under the spectrum of art and design, how is window installed and designed in different culture? One should focus on the aspect of interior design and connect to the influence of different cultures. cover the following:

-Materials, properties and techniques required for production.

-Historical Context: When did the process originate? What are early materials and methods

used at different points in history? different geographical locations? and different cultures?

-Recent Innovations: Show contemporary projects that use your assigned technique. What


-Color: How is color typically achieved with this material or method?

-Finishes used?

-Maintenance: What are the pros and cons of this material or method.

-Issues of sustainability.

2 page paper, approx. 1000 words, 12 point font, standard margins, submitted with 6-10 images

Bibliography, listing published texts and websites. Use Chicago Citation Format . Use a

minimum of 2 published texts for your research.

Footnotes required for all direct quotes.

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