Why it angers Christopher’s dad, that Christopher is trying to figure who killed Wellington.


PEER REVIEW Read and make suggestions on your classmate thesis and outline on the review rubric. Both classmates should have a separate review rubric. Please follow the rubrics carefully.

Student 1

Thesis: In the mystery novel, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, the main charater, Christopher, Tells his story using first story using first person narration while explaining the conflict he faces and significant symbols used throughout the story.

The mystery in the novel: 

· Christopher trying to figure out who killed Wellington

· Why it angers Christopher’s dad, that Christopher is trying to figure who killed Wellington.

First Person:

· Christopher tells his story all in first person.

· lets us know what he is feeling and thinking.


· Christopher has conflict with himself due to his disabilities, he can’t control his thoughts or actions and it makes him look like he is misbehaving.

· Christopher has conflict after learning that his father killed Wellington.

· Christopher has conflict in society because he does not know how to interact with people and is afraid to communicate with people he is not familiarized with.


· The dog is the main symbol of the story.

·  Stars help him emotionally especially when he is going through a difficult situation.

· Swiss Army Knife, Christopher mentions the knife whenever he feels something bad can happen. It makes him feel safe.


In conclusion, the mysterious novel of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, deals with first person, conflict and symbols throughout the story

Student 2

Modern World Literature Course Project-The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night- Time


Christopher is main character within the “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night- Time “by Mark Haddon, whom struggles to become independent is throughout the novel, but even though Christopher

struggled with autism and Asperger’ he used his skills and took the negativity from his syndrome and put it towards helping solve postmodern detective work.

Christopher’s struggle for independence

A.      The struggle to become independent primarily involves Christopher gaining the self-confidence needed to do things on his own and moving beyond his very rigidly defined comfort zone.

1.       By solving the murder figures in the effort to gain independence it forces Christopher to speak to a number of indivduals, which does make him uncomfortable but gives him the confidence in his own ability to solve problems on his own.

2.       Completing the math tests also asks as a representation to an avenue for independences.

3.       Overcoming, all the obstacles within the novel helps him gain the confidence in his ability to face an challenge given to him

B.      Due to Christopher’s condition he cannot be as independent as he would like

1.       When overwhelmed, frightened he tends to shut down which causes him to block out the world around him and interferes with his goal of independence

Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome

A.      Definition of Autism

B.      Definition of Asperger’s

C.       Christopher’s struggle with his syndrome

1.       Christopher is unable to understand metaphors, struggles with communication with others, relaying his feelings, and unable to tell if anyone if telling the truth, a joke, or lying. Overall the world is very confusing to him

2.       Christopher is an intellectual thinker but due to his syndrome he is limited and he is trying to reach out to other through solving mysteries to show that he really is that different.

Postmodernism throughout the novel

A.      The novel has a detective fiction genre with a mystery plot that offers compelling narrative hooks for both children and adult readers.

1.       The postmodern twists throughout the novel on the detective work leads to a more satisfying twists for the readers.

2.       The author aimed to link a crossover with the curious incident to the involved postmodern re-visitation detective work.


A.      The novel provides details and is an indefinable story allowing indivduals to understand the struggles that comes with Asperger’s syndrome and how motivation can help overcome those struggles. Even though an indivduals with this syndrome may struggle for their independence on a daily basis he is willing to push the limits and against all odds try to solve the cases at hand through detective work.

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