Why is reputation so important to an organization?

DQ1- 300 words- APA format

Why is reputation so important to an organization?  Answer one of the following questions:

*Is it true that when the reputation of one company suffers, there is a trickle-down effect whereby all stakeholders lose something when the company is cast in a bad light because of ethical violations?

*What evidence would you look for that would assure you that a company’s concern for the environment is nothing more than window dressing to ensure market position?

DQ 2- 300 words, APA format

If you were charged with developing an ethics program for your workplace, would you choose a values-based program or a  compliance program.  When benefits do you see in either choice?

DQ3- 300 words, APA format

Do you think cultural diversity contributes to a stronger ethical business environment.  How?  What suggestions might you make to incorporate cultural diversity in your workplace ethics program?

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